COOLSOFT provides information technology consulting, application development and software engineering services to Fortune 500 companies.

COOLSOFT vision of consulting is very different. Analyze the customer problem thoroughly to create a number of new ideas on how to solve the problem, involve the customer through mentoring and partnering to create "outside the box" innovation, and then together, create a tactical or strategic solution, based on customer need, turning things back over to the customer.

When engaged by a client, our mission is to always partner with the client and integrate their team into the solution we are building. We believe this collaborative approach separates us from our competition, which often alienate their customers and attempt to create a dependency on them that may last a lifetime.

From time to time, our customers do outsource entire engagements to our team to accomplish off site. This is always at the customer's request and is typically due to their staff not having the time or expertise to assist with an initiative.

Rest assured that our most valuable asset to you is our people. COOLSOFT team clearly understands that our whole reason for being is to help your organization seize the business opportunities in front of you and use technology to further enable you to better compete in an ever growing competitive marketplace.

The most valuable tool in our box is not a platform or a language or a methodology; the most valuable tool is always the idea. From the right idea, we are freed to use the other tools in our box to pursue innovation. And from that innovation comes a solution that is truly exceptional and extensible.

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