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COOLSOFT was formed in 2001 with an objective to become a premier Information Technology Service provider with a strong product portfolio. It was formed with a dedication to build a long-term relationship with clients by offering quality services that include providing software products, consulting and executing major projects at highly competitive prices.

COOLSOFT's commitment, honesty, reliability and integrity in providing solutions to its clients resulted in long-term relationships. We have created an environment for our clients resulting in improved efficiencies, reduced costs and deliverables ahead of schedule and customer satisfaction.

Our consultants have proven record of planning, designing, developing and maintaining the turnkey projects for major clients in United States and Asia-Pacific regions. Our consultants continuously improve their technical and personal skills through internal and external training's to add value not only for us, but also for our clients.

COOLSOFT can achieve reduced application life cycle costs, improved quality and enhanced performance on its engagements with their highly experienced and motivated personnel.

COOLSOFT by providing committed services to its clients has increased its revenues over 9 million dollars in year 2007.


Pricing: COOLSOFT can provide consultants at commercially attractive rates that can beat the competition. In certain situations, depending upon the skill set, duration and size of the project we could work at rates that fit clients budget.

Quality: We have well defined quality measures to ensure high standards for software development and implementation. Some of our quality measures include

Detailed documentation of every activity in the Software Development Life Cycle
Well defined Coding standards and templates to ensure consistency in project development
Rigorous selection procedures to recruit high quality professionals
To keep up with current changes in technology our consultants go through periodic evaluation and training.

Commitment: COOLSOFT is committed to provide quality consultants for every requirement. In the unlikely event of consultant not performing to client's expectations, COOLSOFT will not charge for the first month of services provided. Also COOLSOFT will provide suitable replacement in a timely fashion.

COOLSOFT carries General Liability, Professional Liability (E&O), Fidelity and Workers Comp Insurance as per IT Industry standards.


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